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We're building Smart Chat, the only app that provides comfortable, comprehensible Face to face speaking in a new language, from Day 1
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We're a startup based in both the US and Taiwan. We're building Smart Chat, a language speaking practice App. It uses a new technology to get beginning language students speaking comfortably face to face in each others’ language from Day 1.

Our founders have strong backgrounds in design, marketing, project development/management, and finance. We've also presented to students and faculty at major universities (NCTU, NTNU) and have led workshops at International Language Conferences (Symposium, Hong Kong; ICICE,Taipei)

Our tech is based on principles of human in the loop computing, implemented for peer to peer video chat. It's like bot chat where the bots live one layer down and help humans to speak to each other.

Chat partners who speak different languages can have fully comprehensible video chat, aided by bots, who examine clicks and suggest new content. This allows students to engage each other, correct each others' pronunciation and make friends, while maxing out engagement and motivation.



Our initial target market is Universities, Secondary Schools, Language Schools, Corporate Training and Tutoring
Services. Product is currently SaaS subscription for peer-to-peer chat product and will be API for Language
Schools, Corp & Tutoring for their tutors to use on their LMS.



We’re Finalists at the Global Ed Tech Startup awards (London, Jan 2018). We’re working out of NYU EdTech
Incubator (StartEd) in New York and Nankang Software Incubator in Taiwan.  We recently completed the Founders
Space accelerator program in SF.

We have several Taiwanese Universities, a Taiwanese Language school, and a US-based tutoring service waiting to test our Beta. We also have a Korean tutoring service that wants to use our product--they're building their LMS.



We want to change the way language is taught online for good. AI is going to have a huge impact on Second Langauge Acqusitition. We strongly believe that the best way to use AI is as a partner rather than master. Our system makes humans the stars; AI plays a supporting role.

We plan to build B2C Smart Chat for Kids with AR after we launch Smart Chat, and to develop voice to text apps that are capable of on-the-fly conversational translation that relies on translated content rather than algorithms that parse words. We believe that the nuance and subtlety of human conversational expression can't be translated through direct translation. Our goal is to build up a large corpus of conversation to leverage for our purposes. 



We're looking for experienced programmers, especially those who know Unity, who speak Mandarin and some English and who share our vision and can help take Language Hero to the next level. We're a young company and are looking to raise capital so we prefer candidates willing to take some equity. We also want you to have a stake in our company so we can all work together to build something truly awesome that changes how we learn languages for good.




Nankang Software Incubator, 115 Sanchong Road 19–11, Nangang District, Taipei, Taiwan
NYU Steinhardt EdTech Incubator, 35 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012, USA

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